Insucut circular blade

The revolution for cutting flexible, compressible

insulation materials like :
Wood fiber, hemp fiber, mineral fiber, glass fiber, wool fiber, coconut fiber, cotton fiber . Likewise, soft foams as latex or cold foams and cellulose .
The problem :
When cutting these materials, whether troublesome by hand or by machine with toothed blades, regularly arise dirty and shredded edges and beyond a lot of dust and dirt

The solution :

The Kaindl® Insucut® is a so called circular blade, which is not machined (like saw blades) but works shearing (like a knife). With the patented special serrated edge of the Kaindl® Insucut® circular blade you finally achieve perfect, clean and precise cuts, no frayed edges with a com- parably very low dust generation. Suitable for use on existing machines, durable, resharpened. Under the following link you can see the revolutionary power.

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190 x 1,5 x 30mm

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