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Product no.: 357370

Ø 110 mm, Borehole 15/32"
Internet special: incl. adaptor
coarse D 126 (standard)

48.00 *
Product no.: 357375

Ø 110 mm, Borehole 15/32"
Internet special: incl. adaptor
fine D 46

48.00 *
Product no.: 357376

Ø 110 mm, Borehole Ø 12 mm
Internet special: incl. adaptor

55.50 *
Product no.: 357371

Ø 110 mm, Borehole Ø 7/8" - particularly suitable for rough tools and processing of stone (granit, marble, etc.)

48.00 *
Product no.: 357373

for power drills, as replacement

4.90 *
Product no.: 357378

1200 grit, 110 x 24 x 4 mm

The Diamond Deburring Stone with very fine grain puts the final touch - also made of hard metal - to your tools after sharpening with the Diamond View Disk.

12.50 *
Product no.: 355410

Stable - absolutely secure hold, 360 degrees in either direction adjustable, lockable in every position with a twist, massive die-cast aluminum, pat. Quick-change system, to assemble without tools. Ideal for fixing, clamping, turning, carving. Attaches your power drills, angle grinders, lights, cameras, vices a.s.o in any angle possible.

38.50 *
Product no.: 355416
8.90 *
Product no.: 366420
20.00 *
Product no.: 357362

Bore 20 mm, 3-sided coated
coarse D 126 (standard)

236.00 *
Product no.: 357363

Bore 20 mm, 3-sided coated
medium D 76

236.00 *
Product no.: 357364

Bore 20 mm, 3-side coated
fine D 46

236.00 *
Product no.: 355970

Special - Cleaning Rubber for diamond view disks

4.50 *
Product no.: 357390

Long lifetime

Universally applicable

Fast grinding performance

The diamond grinding cup wheels in the two versions "Turbo Segment" and "Double segment” universally applicable to all 125 mm angle grinders. The special components of the segments ensures a very high grinding and erosion perform- ance with ideal dust removal, at the same time very convincing durability. Especially suitable for the machining of concrete, screed, natural stone, granite, plaster, tile adhesive, etc. Nmax : 12,250 rpm

25.60 *
Product no.: 357391

For working on concrete, floor fill, natural stone, granite, rendering, tile adhesive layer, etc
Very high removal rate, perfect dust extraction in accordance with long operational life span.

29.10 *
Product no.: 3571xx

For more than 20 years this shock-absorbing high-performance grinding disc for angle grinders and power drills is unmatched. The ZR Sio4 discs can be used with its M14 thread directly on all one-hand angle grinders and with the drill adaptor on every power drill. 300 - 500% better performance due to zirconium corundum abrasive and safely due to the absolutely unbreakable Macrolon® base plate.


Extreme durability, aggressive cutting performance, break-proof Marcrolon® baseplate, dimensionally stable, vibration-free, gentle grinding transitions, ideally suited for grinding of welds and tools. Available from grit 36 very corse to grit 400 very fine.

Different variations >> Here.

from 4.20 *
Product no.: 357486

sanding star 3pack K80, K120, K240


Special offer 74.70 €
65.00 *
You save 9.70 €
Product no.: 357481

sanding star Ø 100 mm corundum (4-fold double layer) grit 80 coarse

24.90 *
Product no.: 357482

Ø 100 mm, corundum (4-fold double layer) grit 120 medium

24.90 *
Product no.: 357483

Ø 100 mm, corundum (4-fold double layer) grit 240 fine

24.90 *
Product no.: 357484

sanding star Ø 100 mm corundum (4-fold double layer) grit 80 coarse

24.90 *
Product no.: 357191
4.20 *
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