PKD Saw Blade for buzz saw different diameters

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PKD Saw blades

Specially developed for highly abrasive materials like:

High Pressure Laminate Plates Trespa®, Resopal®, etc. , fibre cement plates, Eternit®, mineral materials, Corian®, Noblan®, etc. , Gas concrete blocks, hardboard, coated or veneered fiber composite materials CFK/GFK. Carbide-tipped saw blades wear out extremly fast with such materials. In comparison diamond-tipped saw blades are providing a much longer service life and enable an optimal price-performance ratio.

Nothing is stronger than Diamond! PCD is a combination of diamond particles and metallic binder. Kaindl PCD saw blades are characterized by their extreme hardness, that comes with the polycrystalline diamond. Due to this hardness and toughness, PCD saw blades are extremely wear-resistant and also have a hight thermal conductivity. PCD saw blades have been specially developed for highly abrasive materials.

Selection: PKD Saw Blade for buzz saw different diameters

Product no. Ø Price
357919 Ø 190 mm x 12 Z x 30 mm 12 teeth max. 8500 rpm 128.80 € *
357921 Ø 210 mm x 14 Z x 30 mm 14 teeth max. 8000 upm 147.20 € *
357925 Ø 250 mm x 16 Z x 30 mm 16 teeth max. 7000rpm 175.00 € *
357930 Ø 300 mm x 20 Z x 30 mm 20 teeth max. 5700rpm 211.00 € *
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