Multi saw blade TOP CUT

Multi saw blade TOP CUT

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The XTR-S saw blade

With the new Kaindl XTR-S saw blade you get a completely new developed tungsten carbide with an extreme “impact toughness“ and special cutting geometry for an outstanding performance. Where a simple nail is all it takes an a regular saw blade, the Kaindl multimaterial saw blade gets started. Construction lumber with nails, copper-, aluminum- or steel pipes, thinn Vinyl siding or acrylic glass, coated shiet metall with insulation foam. The XTR blade cuts reliably without thermal stress to the material, chipping or burning. Due to the high number of teeth you get a clean and smooth cut. The optimum carbide structure ensures a longer service life and is resistant to high speeds.

Available diameters Ø 120 mm (for all angle grinders Ø 115 or Ø 125 mm) and from Ø 130 mm up to Ø 300 mm, in steps of 10 mm.

The new TOPCUT saw blade

Different materials can be cut with the NEW Kaindl Topcut multi saw blade dead easy. Due to the special nature of this tungsten carbide, the Topcut saw blade has an increased cutting performance and tool life . In conjunction with an angle grinder or a circular handsaw the Topcut multi-material blade is wonderful for assembly-,construction- and renovations works. Top suitable for the allround craftsmen !

Available diameters Ø 120 mm (all angle grinders Ø 115 or Ø 125 mm) and Ø 160 mm for your hand circular saws

Safety guard for angle grinders

The safety guard for all angle grinders Ø 115mm or Ø 125mm (4.5“ or 5“) inclusive spindle nut 25.4 mm / M14, fixing key and dust extractor connection . Importent Safety notice !
Use this saw blades on your angle grinder only with the safety guard mounted to your angle grinder. Always wear safety goggles and safety cloves !


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Multi saw blade TOP CUT Multi saw blade TOP CUT
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