Multi Saw Blade for angle grinders Ø115mm, Ø125mm

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Cutting like a Pro – also with your angle grinder! New quality now!

With the Kaindl Multi saw blade you get a tung­sten car­bide saw blade that takes care of all the real chal­len­ges with­out a huge ar­ray of machines.

Together with the included new safety guard you can turn your single-handed angle grin­der into an extra­ordi­nary saw. Where a simple nail is all it takes for a nor­mal saw blade, the Kaindl Multi saw blade gets ready.

This saw blade with its 32 teeth cuts through even the toughest mate­rials like brittle or smea­ring plas­tic, so­lid wood, par­ticle- or chip­board, la­mi­nate, alu­mi­ni­um, cop­per, brass, even iron and steel!

And not like you know it from re­gu­lar cut­ting discs for the ang­le grin­der – which is more like bur­ning than cut­ting off. With this Kaindl Multi saw blade you get a nice, clean "cold" cut with­out the burn marks!

The Multi saw blade can be regrinded by any good sharping service or by us.

Important Safety notice: Use this saw blade only with the safety guard mounted to your angle grinder. Always wear safety goggles and safety cloves!

The Kaindl Multi saw blade is also available for your circular saws!


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