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Regrinding of the Kaindl woodcarver gold

Due to the extreme temper of 62 Rockwell, the Kaindl woodcarver gold cannot be regrinded with normal files or normal grinders. To regrind the Kaindlwoodcarver gold we offer you two alternatives :

The diamond grinding stick

The special diamond grinding stick with a high quality diamond coating has the same shape as the cutting tooth.

Take the Kaindl woodcarver gold  out of your angle grinder. Then simply put the grinding stick into a normal power drill, switch on and hold the cutting edge of the tooth without pressure so to the grinding stick, that the cutting edge aligns with the grinding stick (app. 15°). Move the woodcarver gold gently up and down until the tooth is sharp again. Under normal circumstances app. 0.1 to 0.2 mm is enough.

Then do the second next tooth, then the next tooth on this side. Turn the blade over and do the other three teeth on the reverse side of the tool.

The diamond grinding stick is very long lasting, please don't let it too hot! Always wear safety goggles while working with a grinder!

The Diamond - Step - File

Extremely long lasting, real diamond coating with 3 steps. Nothing lasts forever, but nothing will outlast real diamond. The file has three steps (Ø 4,0 mm, 4,8 mm und 6,5 mm) and can be used not only for the Kaindl woodcarver gold but also for almost all chain saws, even carbide tipped chains. Take the Kaindl woodcarver gold  out of your angle grinder or unplug your angle grinder before regrinding.

You can use this diamond file as a hand file or, pull the file out of the handle and put it into your low rpm battery drill. First file the three teeth on one side of the blade, then turn it over and do theother three teeth on the reverse side of the tool. On handfiling, twist the file while filing gently with little hup.

The file can be used for dry and wet grinding on even the hardest materials like glass or tiles.


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