Diamond View Disk for angle grinders

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Diamond View Disk
for your angle grinder

…and you'll never lose your sight!
The Kaindl Diamond View Disk give you free sight and total control of your workpiece.
  • For the first time in your life during the grinding operation you can look through the diamond grinding disk to see your workpiece.
  • You exactly see where and how much the grinding wheel takes away.
  • You always automatically sharp and grind in the correct angle.
  • You only remove as much or as little as needed.
  • The high-quality diamond coating guarantees extreme durability and allows you to process any material.
  • The only 3 mm (0.12 inch) thickness of the disk enables you to grind into very narrow tools, surfaces and angles.
  • Boreholes in the diamond wheel cool the workpiece so effectively, that a cooling agent is not necessary.

Diamond view disk for angle grindersBecause of its higher speed the Kaindl Diamond View Disk for your angle grinder (bore-hole 22 mm (7/8")) is suitable primarily for grinding jobs who need fast, effective and even precise grinding, e.g. for sharping big tools on a farm or the tungsten carbide chisels of a stonecutter, also for grinding the edges of stone, granite or marble, window sills, stairs and so on. For finer work the rotation speed of your angle grinder should be reducible or, much better you use the Kaindl Diamand View Disk for the power drill!. Generally applies: When you are sharping tools, the slower the better!

Remains of grinding dust inside the diamond view disk can be removed with the Special-Cleaning Rubber.

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