Ø 150 High Performance Diamond Cutting Disc for circular saw

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High Performance Diamand Cutting Disc

Angle grinders have many advantages, but also some disadvantages: Accurate and straight cuts are not possible (you do not have a guide or adjustment for the angle) - and then the huge dust.

100diamanttrennscheibe-150The solutions :


    DT_KreissaegeZiegelThe Kaindl Diamond cutting disc Ø115 mm and the Kaindl cover 115 with dust extractor connection for clean, dust free working with your angle grinder. The cover can also be used as a guard for perfect straight cuts.

  2. The Kaindl high-performance diamond blade for portable circular saw. Simply insert the Ø150 mm disc into your portable circular saw and run straight cuts and miter or plunge cuts in stone, tile etc. and dust-free with your dust extraction. (compl. with 2 spacer rings 22.2 - 20 mm 22.2 -16 mm). Professional quality for dry cutting .

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